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what is the benefits of buying the app ?

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asked Apr 29, 2015 in Windows Phone by Mostafa Tefa (170 points)

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Hi Mostafa,

A couple of reasons:

  1. Pay the developer so I will continue to make the app more awesome!
  2. You get to create more than 3 workouts
  3. Removes the trial nag screen that pops up all the time.
answered Apr 29, 2015 by Ryan Winter (1,500 points)
I will buy the app just to support you but i have an idea, there is an app on store give you about 70 exercise and when you buy the app it becomes 150 exercise
Thanks for the idea Mostafa, I was thinking of something along those lines, but to do with a workout expansion I'm looking at. My idea was that only the paid version would have access to the extra predefined workouts.

Maybe I'll do both!
I've bought the app and i wish to take my suggestion in your consideration, Also i'd be appreciated if you take a look at the exercises because some of them don't have pictures.
If you need any help about adding exercises or pictures don't hesitate to PM me

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